Institutional Investing Program

For over 47 years, the Board of Retirement has ministered to employees of Free Will Baptists and in many ways, has not lived up to the full potential when it came to the organizations those employees were employed by. If you were at the National Convention in Louisville, KY last week then you may have already heard that our office has started a new program to serve the churches and church organizations in our denomination. Last month we launched an institutional investing program that allows churches and church organizations the opportunity to open an investment account to help grow funds at a greater rate of return than with a traditional money market account.


These accounts are investment accounts that have multiple investment strategies* to invest in that mirror our retirement investment options. These accounts are built for funds that will one day be used for building projects or launching churches or other ministries.  The ability to allow funds that are in waiting to work will increase the amount through compounding interest and dividend growth.


Since timelines are different for each project, we have a range of investment options to help your church or organization gain the greatest potential of earnings. These investment options range from a conservative to aggressive investment strategy approach that your ministry can choose from and change month to month depending on the timeline your organization is working from.


We have to be good stewards of the funds we are entrusted with.  Seeing a market sell-off seems risky, but when looking at a longer timeline we see that market investments give us the greatest return on our dollars. So if your church has an account they have set aside for long-term projects, contact our office and see if the institutional investing program would be a good fit for your church or organization. You can find more information about the institutional investing program in our online brochure.


* Currently Board of Retirement offers 5 investment strategies to institutional investors. The Conservative, Moderate, Default, and Maximum strategies are available to current retirement participants as well as institutional investors with an additional dividend strategy currently available to institutional investors called Discipline Value Strategy.

** Market investments are exposed to the volatility of the market cycle.