The mission of Free Will Baptist Board of Retirement isn’t limited to employees of Free Will Baptists (FWB). We also have a ministry to the employers of those employees. That is why we have started a new program in 2017 to help serve our denomination. Institutional investing allows the Board of Retirement to partner with churches and other church organizations to help manage assets for the growth and development of their ministries. Churches and church organizations can open an investment account with Board of Retirement and select investment strategies they would prefer to grow their accounts. Once the funds are invested, then earnings will be posted monthly to the accounts. There is no restriction on the funds invested and can be moved at any point. There is no limit on the amount of funds that are deposited into the account and withdrawals from the account can be taken at any time (see Withdrawal of Funds).


These accounts over the long-term will provide a greater return on investment than the standard options available at a local bank. We have had several organizations contact us over the years looking for a place to gain a greater rate of return on their long-term project funds. Now we have a vehicle set for them to accomplish this. We are structuring these investments for timelines that are longer than one year in duration. Since the funds are invested in equites and bonds, they will be subject to changes in the markets and earnings will reflect those changes. These accounts have several investment options available to them so funds can be as aggressive or as conservative as the organization would like, with the option to change the allocation at any point.


While we are not allowed to invest individuals’ funds outside of retirement accounts, we can take funds that have been invested with other church organizations like FWB Foundation and invest in our strategies with the funds they hold for individual accounts. We have partnered with the FWB Foundation to provide our investment strategies to be chosen as your investment with your revocable trust account.


The Board of Retirement has developed this program to work with churches and church organizations to provide a greater return for moneys they are holding for future long-term projects and growth that are meant for Kingdom work. This can generate a lasting impact for the ministries they belong to.  You can find more information in our institutional investing brochure.

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