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  • Enrollment Form
    With this form, you apply for membership and participation in the Board of Retirement’s Plan. It is vital that you:

    1. Complete the application in its entirety.
    2. Print and complete the salary reduction agreement and return the original in an enclosed self-addressed envelope.
    3. An initial contribution must accompany the application in order to be accepted into the Plan.
  • Enrollment Form (PDF)
  • Retirement Plan Life Insurance Enrollment Form
    Group term life insurance is available through Guardian Insurance Company for enrollees who are under 65 years of age.  The Basic Term Life Coverage is $25,000 (for as long as you are employed with FWB).  The monthly premium of $16.50 is deducted from the contributions to your retirement account.  For more information regarding this Group Term Life Insurance, you can check out the Plan Overview .
  • Maximum Contribution Worksheet (PDF)


  • Salary Reduction Agreement (PDF)
    A Salary Reduction Agreement is an agreement between the employer and employee under which the employee takes a reduction in salary for the purpose of participating in the Plan. The participant must sign a new agreement each time he/she seeks a change in the amount withheld through the Salary Reduction Agreement or he/she changes employers. A copy of this form must be on file with the Board of Retirement before we can accept any Salary Reduction contributions on behalf of the employee.


  • Investment Selection Form
    There are four investment strategies to choose from. As a participant, you have the option of allocating your funds to any or all of the strategy funds. You may transfer up to 100% of your balance in any one month. The Default Fund will automatically be the option for those who do not direct all or part of their funds to one of the strategies.
  • Investment Selection Form (PDF)



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