Institutional Investing

Make Your Investments Do More

Every church and church organization has a vision to do more for the Kingdom of God. In order to be ready for those future opportunities, you must start preparing today. Imagine how effective our organizations would be if, when an opportunity arose, our focus was only on whether it was the right opportunity for us to take rather than, realizing it would be a great opportunity but having no way to pursue it because of financial positioning.

The Board of Retirement’s goal is that every church and church organization in our denomination is prepared for their next ministry opportunity as they do the work of their current ministry.

Our Institutional Investing program allows the Board of Retirement to partner with churches and other church organizations to help manage their assets to provide a greater return for moneys they are holding for future long-term projects and growth that are meant for Kingdom work.

Imagine a church organization that is currently setting funds aside into a savings account, earning around 2% annually. These funds are working, but they are set up for short-term gain and sacrificing the long-term advantage of investing the funds, especially when the funds put into this account have a long time horizon, i.e., five years or more before they will be drawn out and put to use. The average annualized return of the stock market has been around 12% over the history of the stock market dating back to 1923 through the current year. By using the tools that are available to us, we can do more and more with the funds that have been set aside with the power of compounding interest.

We want our churches and organizations to be in the best financial position possible and to take advantage of the opportunities the Lord presents to them in the future, but that means preparing today.

Start Investing Today

Institutional Investing Can Benefit Your Church or Ministry

  • Launch a new church
  • Construct a new building
  • Start a Christian school
  • Fund a Pastor’s equity allowance
  • Support a missionary family
  • Build reserves for future ministry opportunities

Contact the Board for Retirement for more information on how to position your organization for its future ministry!

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