Serving Those Who Serve Others

As I am sitting here looking at Board of Retirement’s first blog post, I am puzzled. What should we talk about? We can send out waves and waves of information about retirement accounts and financial matters, but most blogs are much simpler than that. The point of a blog is not to convey important information to the reader, although it does do that, but it is really a way for the reader to get to know the writer. What is important to them, what they are involved in, and what is current with them. So let’s try to use this as a way for you all to get to know the Board of Retirement and the staff that works for you. At the heart of our office and our staff is our motto, “Serving those who serve others.”

We will document our travels and activities throughout the year and give you some insight as to where we are and who we are. We will try to post lots of pictures because they are worth more than any words we could put down. So if we see you at a State Meeting, the National, or anywhere else we go. Say, “hi!” and make a new friend.