Offering Our Hidden Gifts

Did you ever notice that some things in life come easy to some people but can be a real struggle for others? We often overlook these as just part of everyday life, but these could be classified as gifts or talents.

We all know people that are just good cooks. They never went to school or had any real training, but it turns out well no matter what they cook. The same could be said for anyone you know that has a “green thumb.” While some of us struggle to keep fake plants alive, they can make anything thrive naturally. We can also use this excuse not to try to do better at things because it doesn’t come naturally. “I am a terrible cook, so I would rather eat out.” Someone might say.  In working in finance, I have seen natural savers and spenders, people who easily set up a budget and stick with it. Others that make an income that would put them in the top 10 percent of earners but still live paycheck to paycheck and under constant stress. Instead of saying, “Well, I am just not good at that, so I am doomed to a life of eating bad food, killing fake plants, and being bad with my finances.” We need to look at what we can learn to do, and for those naturally good at things about what we can help teach.

God has gifted each of us with unique talents and abilities because not all of us our the same working together with others is the design the Lord has set. If you see someone naturally good at something or has had years of training to become good at something, ask them for help. If you are that person someone has asked but is willing to help. We often hear you need to be a good steward of what the Lord has given you, but don’t tell people where to start. (The answer is to look at your bank and credit card statements and see how much you are spending versus how much money is coming into your accounts. If more is going out than coming in, that isn’t good.) If you are a natural saver, i.e., it is easy for you to save money or talk yourself out of buying something you want, then offer to help your friends that our spenders and struggle to save. The words are offer and friends. Finances can be a touchy subject for many, so being friends and coming at the topic judgment-free will go a long way in helping.

If it doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t lose heart. Ask a friend it is good at it or seems like it comes easy to them and starts there. They may say it isn’t easy for them, but they may be willing to work on it together with you so that you both improve. Having someone to lean on during the learning process helps to keep us on track and pushing towards the common goal.