A Proposal for the Next Step of Our Legacy

At the National Convention in July, 2023, we introduced our proposal for expanding our charter and changing our name. Our plan–and our heart–is to simply improve and expand our already excellent level of service.

Simply, approving the proposed changes would:
Allow the BOR to expand our services to other like-minded Christian organizations.

The additional funds generated by expanding our charter would: 
Allow us to enhance the quality and depth of our offerings and expand the options available to BOR (and all) members.

The new name we have proposed, Richland Ave, is a direct reference to our heritage…a heritage we are proud of and which we intend to build on as we move forward. 

The charter and name change is simply a beautiful reflection of our denomination’s foundational strengths, which we’d like to share. Our identity is firmly established within the FWB denomination. And now, as faithful stewards, we’d like to reflect the retirement and institutional investing solutions we offer to other like-minded Christian organizations in a way that helps us to continue to grow. The expansion doesn’t expand voting rights or control of our organization. We would still remain 100% controlled and overseen by the National Association of Free Will Baptists, and board members would only be elected to our board from the National body.

Whether you are a voting delegate or not, I ask that you pray that we will have clear direction from the Lord when it is brought up for a vote at next year’s convention in Tampa, FL.

In Him,

John Brummitt
BOR President and CEO

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