Fund Summary

The SMID Cap fund is designed to provide long-term capital growth primarily through a portfolio of U.S. small to medium capitalization equity securities.

Performance Overview (as of 3/1/23)


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* Earnings results calculated on total investment return

Investment Description

The term “SMID caps” is a contraction of “small and mid-caps,” i.e., publicly traded companies with small and medium-sized capitalizations. Capitalization is calculated by multiplying the number of tradable shares of a company by the stock-market value of each of them.

Small-cap is a publicly traded company usually under $2 billion in capitalization, and mid-cap is between $2 billion and around $13 billion.

SMID caps are generally less covered by analysts, less liquid, and potentially more volatile in the short and medium term than large caps. However, as they are less mature, SMID caps tend to offer more attractive earnings growth potential. Also, as their stock price depends mainly on their own growth potential or on the likelihood that they will be targeted for a takeover, SMID caps can be better shielded from macroeconomic risks provided they are not too exposed to the global market, that is, that their revenue is not generated abroad. For all these reasons, SMID caps offer attractive advantages in terms of diversification for equity portfolios.

Fund Profile

  • Inception Date:  March, 2024
  • Benchmark:  Russell 2500
  • Average Number of Holdings:  30-40
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