Set Rate Fund

Account Overview: Set Rate Fund

Current Rate   2.0% Annualized


Performance Overview (as of 03/31/21)

YTD (Projected) 2.0% Annualized
Three Year N/A
Five Year N/A
Ten Year N/A
Life to Date N/A

Inception Date: May 17, 2021

Current Fund Allocation

99% – Bonds
1% – Cash

The Set Rate Fund

This fund was created by conversion of our Conservative Strategy. This fund is managed to earn a set rate of return to the participant and help offset volatility over the long-term. The fund was created to provide a base of fixed income in an overall portfolio. This approach is for those whose primary desire is to protect against capital risk and who understand that protection against risk may require that some percentage of return be foregone, and protecting against any one risk may to some extent preclude protection against other risks. The rate is set by the board of trustees and is adjusted based on the overall performance of the fund. The Set Rate Fund is managed by RNC Genter Capital Management.

Objectives and Allocation Range:

  • Overall Portfolio Equity Range: 0%
  • Time Horizon: 0 to 3 years
  • Fixed Income base

Prioritized Investment Goals

The protection of capital is the priority of this fund. The fund rate is set to remove the volatility from the return. Earnings to the account are posted at the end of each month. Capital growth is low priority of this fund as its focus is to remove volatility.

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