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Let us partner with you to help manage your church organization’s assets for the development of its ministries.


Managing your money doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn how to manage your finances from a biblical perspective.

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The Stewardship Conundrum - (550 × 350 px)

The Stewardship Conundrum

If I polled church leaders to see if they regularly teach about stewardship, most, if not all, would answer yes. However, if they are like […]

Our Timeline for Investing (1)

Our Timeline for Investing

“When should I invest or start investing?” Now! Almost 60% of Americans indicate they plan to work longer than anticipated before they retire. Several driving […]


Is Your Home Part of Your Retirement Investment Strategy?

For many of us, our homes will be one of the most significant investments of our lives. Some will buy a home in their 20s […]

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