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Managing your money doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn how to manage your finances from a biblical perspective.

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How to Raise an Ebenezer - 550 × 350

How to “Raise an Ebenezer”

When we hear “Ebenezer,” the first thing that pops into our heads might be Ebenezer Scrooge, especially around Christmas. The main character in the 1843 […]

How Personal are Our Finances - 550 × 350

How Personal are Our Finances?

Have you ever been asked about your finances? How do you respond when you’re in a group and someone asks you how much money you […]

Grounded 550 x 350

Grounded: Preparing Your Teen for the Real Financial World

One of my earliest money memories revolved around tax time. Most people despise tax time, but for our family, it meant something special. Every year, […]

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