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Get started today putting your money to work, so that you can feel confident in your retirement.

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Let us partner with you to help manage your church organization’s assets for the development of its ministries.


Managing your money doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn how to manage your finances from a biblical perspective.

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We are Not Powerless - Square (550 × 350 px)

We are Not Powerless

At the BOR, our mission is to help you save and invest, to prepare you for your future ministry. While most of our posts relate […]

Love of Money (550 × 350 px) (1)

Does Your Love of Money Make You a Bad Decision-Maker?

Did you know we typically make bad decisions during high emotional responses? Research reveals once our emotional response is triggered, we make quick decisions rooted […]

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Motivating People for Their Own Good

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Simple and proven—eating apples does have significant health benefits. Most of us, however, do not eat an […]

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