Moderate Strategy


The Moderate Strategy places dual emphasis on two objectives which must be balanced against each other due to their conflicting nature. One is to reduce the amount of short-term volatility that the portfolio experiences on a short timeline. The second is to build capital over the long-term. The portfolio still has exposure to the volatility of the markets. It is a preset allocation with a diversification of quality stocks and bonds.

Performance Overview (as of 03/31/23)

Current YTD     7.220%
One Year (2022)  -14.150%
Three Year     0.218%
Five Year     7.139%
Ten Year     3.949%
Life to Date     4.223%


* Earnings results calculated on total investment return

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Asset Allocation

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Asset Class


All Cap Growth 10%
Large Cap Growth 15%
Large Cap Value 15%
Short Term Fixed Income 60%

**To find more information about each asset class, click on the link above.

Investment Description

Due to the conflicting objectives of this portfolio, the protection of capital will be balanced against the desire for capital growth. Limited stock market participation will provide some reinvestment rate protection. Exceeding inflation over the long-term requires a higher proportion of equity investments in the portfolio, resulting in higher volatility inconsistent with the portfolio’s objectives. The overall makeup of the portfolio is weighted more toward fixed income than equities to provide reduced volatility.

Fund Statistics

  • Inception Date:  April, 2012
  • Time Horizon: 3 to 10 years
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