Maximum Strategy


The primary purpose of this portfolio is to pursue the growth of capital. The investment guidelines are based upon a very long-term investment horizon and a willingness to incur significant fluctuations in value in the interim. The portfolio’s strategic asset allocation is based on this long-term perspective. Although the portfolio will not be completely invested in stocks at all times, the prospects for the future, current financial condition, and several other factors suggest collectively that this portfolio can stand the degree of volatility associated with full stock exposure.  It is a preset allocation with a diversified portfolio of quality stocks and bonds.

Performance Overview (as of 06/30/23)

Current YTD   15.820%
One Year (2022)  -17.990%
Three Year     4.886%
Five Year   12.789%
Ten Year     8.338%
Life to Date     9.362%


* Earnings results calculated on total investment return

Asset Allocation

Asset Class


All Cap Growth 80%
Real Estate (REITs) 10%
Short Term Fixed Income 10%

**To find more information about each asset class, click on the link above.

Investment Description

This portfolio is primarily concerned with long-term risks, which are reinvestment rate and inflation risks. A large portion of the portfolio will be invested in equities, and smaller portions will be set in real estate and bonds. However, since volatility is a lesser concern to this portfolio, protection against reinvestment rate risk is best afforded by equities. This equity exposure will also help the portfolio mitigate the long-term effect of inflation. Little can be done to protect against temporary periods of high inflation effectively; however, an orientation with the highest returning asset class (stocks) will provide the best return against inflation over long periods.

Fund Statistics

  • Inception Date:  April, 2012
  • Time Horizon: 15+ years
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