Default Strategy


The Default Strategy is our default option; if a participant makes no investment selection, this option will be selected. The Default Strategy is a balanced approach to growth-and-income investing. This portfolio, in general, follows the traditional method of allocating between equities and fixed income. It is a preset allocation with a diversified portfolio of quality stocks and bonds.

Performance Overview (as of 03/31/23)

Current YTD   10.280%
One Year (2022)  -17.020%
Three Year     1.159%
Five Year     8.439%
Ten Year     5.316%
Life to Date     7.318%


* Earnings results calculated on total investment return

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Asset Allocation

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Asset Class


Large Cap Growth 30%
Large Cap Value 30%
Intermediate Fixed Income 40%

**To find more information about each asset class, click on the link above.

Investment Description

The investment objectives of the fund are (1) long-term growth of capital, (2) current income, and (3) conservation of capital.  This portfolio is concerned with long-term risks: reinvestment rate and inflation.  This approach seeks to preserve capital and dampen year-to-year volatility but is allocated to growth over the long-term. With a diversified portfolio of quality stocks and bonds, the Default Strategy invests 60% of its assets in equities and 40% in fixed income.

Fund Statistics

  • Inception Date:  July, 1969
  • Time Horizon: 3 to 10 years
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