Investment Philosophy

Investment Management Philosophy

Free Will Baptist Board of Retirement uses investment management professionals with over 25 years of experience that provide a performance-driven, values-based approach to institutional investment management. From investments with the some of the industry’s top investment managers, Free Will Baptist Board of Retirement Institutional Investing can provide a range of solutions to help you meet your unique investment objectives. We are committed to providing a range of investment strategies—all built on a foundation of integrity and excellence.

Social Screening Philosophy

Board of Retirement will not invest in any company that is publicly recognized, as determined by Board of Retirement, as being in the abortion, liquor, tobacco, gambling, pornography, the Walt Disney Co. or any company whose products, services, or activities that are publicly recognized as being incompatible with the moral and ethical posture of the Board of Retirement. Investment funds may not be able to take advantage of certain investment opportunities due to these restrictions.

Our Investment Philosophy

Board of Retirement uses a manager-of-managers approach to provide our investment options to our participants. This allows us to provide some of the industry’s top investment managers to build out our investment strategy options. Managers build portfolios from a bottom up approach, looking at individual companies that are outperforming rather than looking at sectors and working their way down.

At the Board of Retirement, we take a disciplined approach to our investment strategies. Our philosophy is focused around basic investment principles:

  • Capital markets typically provide the greatest return to long-term investors.
  • Active portfolio management.
  • Bottom up portfolio approach rather than a top-down.
  • Investments in domestic as well as global markets

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