Disciplined Value

Account Overview: Disciplined Value Strategy

Current YTD — as of 03/31/21*          10.400%


Performance Overview (as of 03/31/21)

One Year (2020)*    1.870%
Three Year  12.369%
Five Year       —
Ten Year       —
Life to Date    8.650%

Inception Date: June 2017

* Earnings results calculated on total investment return

Market Value vs. Net Investment

Stocks and Funds

Distribution by Sector

The Discipline Value Growth Strategy

This strategy is a value-oriented, systematic investment strategy.  The approach is based on identifying attractively valued companies with competitive, sustainable dividends and stable financial health profiles.  It is focused on providing favorable downside risk management in adverse markets.  The portfolio is generally comprised of mid- to large-cap companies with flexible sector allocation.

Objectives and Allocation Range:

  • Overall Portfolio Equity Range: 95% to 100%

  • Provide competitive returns consistent with the broad equity markets while also providing a level of capital protection during sustained market downturns.

  • Dividend Yield:  2.50% to 3.00% (Range)

  • Time Horizon: 15+ years

Prioritized Investment Goals

This portfolio is built with forward-looking measures that assess the overall health of a company that help put dividends, free cash flow, and valuation metrics in the right context. Dividends can provide a relatively stable source of returns above and beyond capital appreciation. Free cash flow is the amount of cash that remains after deducting a company’s expenditures, which provides a clear picture of the growth of a company.

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