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Default Strategy

Account Overview: Default Strategy

Current YTD — 2018 -0.551%


Performance Overview (as of 11/30/18)

One Year (2017)  13.326%
Three Year    4.584%
Five Year    3.012%
Ten Year    7.135%
Life to Date    7.282%

Inception Date July, 1969

Market Value vs. Net Investment

Distribution by Sector (as of 12/31/17)

Stocks and Funds

Distribution by Sector (as of 9/30/18)

The Default Growth Strategy

This strategy uses a multi-manager investment strategy. We diversify the managers to provide greater focus in individual areas of each managers’ specialty. The investment is diversified over three different asset managers: Active Asset Allocation Manager: Manning & Napier Advisors, LLC; Core (Large Cap) Stock Manager: Dana Investment Advisors, Inc.; and Core Fixed Income Manager: Sage Advisory Service, Ltd.

Objectives and Allocation Range:

  • Overall Portfolio Equity Range: 35%-70%
  • Proprietary bottom-up asset allocation processes driven by disciplined and time-tested stock selection strategies.
  • Time Horizon: 3 to 10 years

Prioritized Investment Goals

  • Primary objective is the pursuit of long-term capital growth, with a goal of meeting the long-term needs of the total portfolio.
  • Secondary objective is to preserve capital and dampen year-to-year volatility that could greatly impact the availability of funds for financial needs at the Association’s discretion.
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