Conservative Strategy

Account Overview: Conservative Strategy

Current YTD — as of 12/31/20*   9.980%


Performance Overview (as of 12/31/20)

One Year (2020)*  9.980%
Three Year  6.016%
Five Year  5.088%
Ten Year  3.507%
Life to Date  4.127%

Inception Date: October 2009

* Earnings results calculated on total investment return

Market Value vs. Net Investment

Stocks and Funds

Distribution by Sector

The Conservative Growth Strategy

This approach is for those whose primary desire is to protect against capital risk and who understand that protecting against risk may require that some percentage of return be foregone, and protection against any one risk may to some extent preclude protection against other risks.

Objectives and Allocation Range:

  • Overall Portfolio Equity Range: 5% to 35%
  • The primary objective is to manage against capital risk by reducing year-to-year volatility.
  • The secondary objective is capital growth, when valuation levels in the stock market are favorable and its specific strategies and pricing techniques can take advantage of market conditions.
  • Time Horizon: 0 to 5 years

Prioritized Investment Goals

Due to the conflicting objectives of this portfolio, the protection of capital will be the primary focus relative to the desire for capital growth. Therefore, stock market participation will expose the portfolio to some volatility, but this portfolio seeks to sacrifice growth in exchange for significantly dampening that volatility.

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